Comprehensive Consulting for Overseas expansion

 Many companies are aiming to expand their business overseas, leaving Japan, whose population is decreasing and the market is shrinking year by year. As they can have supports for overseas expansion by many public and private companies, achieving “overseas expansion” itself is becoming easier than before, but there are only a few cases in which a company can achieve its original “purpose of expansion”.
 LAGARE provides total support for the expansion project from the conception/preparation stage to the operation/expansion after entry to the new market to achieve the true purpose of the client. We will work closely with our clients and act as a project leader, not just an advisor. We will design and provide optimal solutions, including external supports, based on the client's situation and the market conditions.
 We also provide same services for overseas clients that want to develop the Japanese market. We support business development in Japan as a reliable partner, from market research and test marketing of subject industries to company establishment and operation in Japan.

Test marketing for Japanese market

 When you start selling your products in Japanese market, you need to find local partners or dealers in Japan. To start business with them, you need to convince the buyers as the first step despite nobody knows potentiality of your products in Japan.
 LEGARE has a shop on the Web and open to sell your products to Japanese customer directly. We will support you to adapt to the legal regulations, establish local logistics, sales order & delivery handling and analyze your sales trend. You can test potentiality of your products in Japan before selling them on retails.

Business Collaboration Management
: Global collaboration Lab (LEGARE GCL)

 Many business owners want to expand their business, but are worried that existing products and services will not be enough to get success in the new market. Only with in-house knowledge and experience, it is difficult to create new ideas because of being bound by past successful experiences or stereotype thinking.
 LEGARE GCL launches and lead a project to collaborate with companies with similar concerns and companies in potential markets to enter/ adapt to the new markets by rediscovering and enhancing their strengths and developing products and services that leverage each other's strengths.

Organizing Global Business Study Tour

 When some companies, educational institutions or public administrative organizations overseas want to visit Japan to get hints on how to solve problems in their countries from Japanese industries and markets, they can get some supports for general factory tours and courtesy visits during sightseeing. In the many cases, they cannot expect more that that.
 LEGARE matches business with Japanese companies or public functions based on various themes requested by overseas organizations and holds workshops with local employees and visitors, while experiencing the business and culture of each country. We plan and coordinate tour projects as an educational-related business that you can learn, and as a business opportunity to collaborate globally. Here, we also provide the services to Japanese educational institutions and administrative organizations who wish to take a business study tour in Vietnam.

Analyzing Organizational Issues

 When people come together and form an organization, it is natural that problems arise. This will happen even at the company, of which employee had joined with strong sympathy to the corporate philosophy and had dreamed of bright future and self-growth. In many cases, people are plagued by problems of people and organizations. As the problems grow larger and the productivity of individuals and organizations declines, customer satisfaction declines, leading to lower sales and profits.
 LEGARE conducts analysis of organizational problem based on questionnaires and interviews with employees in order to visualize problems in the organization and find solutions. Different positions have different ways of understanding even the same phenomenon, so multifaceted understanding of the current situation and problem analysis focusing the essence are necessary. Instead of addressing all the issues that have been identified, we will focus on the essential issues and formulate measures for resolution.

Enhancing Organization to realize vision

 There is a famous saying by business scholar Alfred D. Chandler Jr. that "Organization follows strategy", but the reality is that few organizations follow it and can flexibly change their way according to strategy and maximize their ability in order to achieve the goal. In addition, there are many managers who are worried about the poor results, where the organization doesn’t work properly as the strategy or the goal and the vision that form the strategy are unclear.
 LEGARE supports activities to solve the problems faced by the organization and transform it into a stronger organization.
 In order to succeed in change, it is necessary to properly guide the living "organization & human". We will support to build an organization that realizes your vision based on methodologies derived from the experiences of many successful and unsuccessful transformation projects.

Reforming Management of organization

 Management of organizational goals is generally done by breakdown of goals for each department, development and management of execution plans, and KPI management. The goals of each department are sometimes department-specific goals and may be biased differently from the direction of the organization as a whole. In order to achieve the organizational goals, it is necessary to regularly grasp the members' awareness of the goals and the degree of understanding of the business situation that changes day by day, and manage them so that they are oriented in the direction of the entire organization.
 LEGARE will make clear the issues of the processes related to organizational management (breakdown of goals, KPI design, meeting design, process management, organizational communication) through the interviews of the members, and will build a management system that helps all the members to work together aiming for the goals of the entire organization.

Building a Vision-based personal evaluation system

 A few people are satisfied with the company's personnel evaluation system, and when surveying employees, "I do not think that I am evaluated properly" "Even if I do anything, the evaluation and reward will not change after all", etc. There are many negative opinions. If the current evaluation system is not a system that appropriately evaluates and treats the valuable human resources and leads to the improvement of the business performance of the company, it is necessary to immediately revise it.
 However, if a company-wide evaluation (IT) system is introduced with putting priority on uniformity and consistency throughout the company and with ignoring the characteristics of the work of each business (department), the evaluation system will not help growth of employees and company.
 LEGARE clearly defines the vision and human resources required by the company and organizations, and leads creation of an evaluation system to realize that vision. We will build a unique evaluation system best fit to your organization and support its introduction and establishment.

Analyzing Brand communication

 There are a lot of situations in which the advertisements of companies are not delivered properly to customers, even though the companies intended to convey them, or have not been able to confirm whether they have been delivered as intended or not.
 In addition, different messages for each event and each product/service often give the customer an inconsistent image. When you consider what to do about your branding activities from now on, it is not possible to start the study without understanding the current situation correctly.
 LEGARE visualizes the current communication and relationships with customers by collecting questionnaires and interview surveys of customers and markets, and collecting past corporate advertisements and arranging them in chronological order to solve problems. List of issues to be solved will be delivered.

Developing Brand concept

 In the field of advertising and promotion, we see often the cases that the purpose is to create output products of advertising and people only focus on design or image, where they do not consider and discuss about “essential issues” - what value and what message they want to deliver to the market.
 LEGARE will discover past records or history of the company that the employees do not notice by themselves, and clarifies the company's vision and future value to be provided. We will understand the uniquely cultivated corporate culture by hearing directly with people who have been involved in the history of the company and drawing invisible thoughts. Then, the brand concept expressed with a number of keywords will be embodied by creating brand guidelines that shape the worldview, such as brand statements, slogans, and visualized logo designs.

Enhancing Brand communication

 Every company wants to convey its value to customers with the brand, however, it is not possible to properly convey the message to the outside, including customers, unless the company and employees can empathize with it.
 LEGARE creates action plans for internal and external communication activities in order to convey to customers a consistent worldview in all business activities of the company.
 In the in-house penetration activities, we will organize processes such as workshops and brand video creations that employees can empathize with, so that they can implement the brand properly. In external communication activities, the brand's worldview will be seen in advertisements, websites, tools, events, etc. We also support creative production so that it can be expressed.

Enhancing Brand management

 Various products such as logos and advertisements for expressing and communicating the brand have high attention at the beginning, and even if they are correctly recognized and utilized with the message to be communicated, as the person in charge of branding changes over time, we often see situations where things are completely different.
 LEGARE is take over the qualitative management responsibility for creative expression and the supervision of external communication activities to protect the brand's worldview in order to develop important brands of the company in the long term. (as an accompanying service for "Developing Brand concept")
 We will continuously manage to prevent inconsistencies in creative expressions due to different persons in charge and production companies, and to maintain consistent behavior in employees. In addition, by regularly measuring the branding effect, it will lead to the creation of the next action plan.