Enter Overseas Market /
Come into Japanese Market /
Buildup Global Business Network

If you want to expand into a new market based on an existing business, it is necessary to understand and adapt the elements (customers, competitors, suppliers, regulations, economy, culture, technology) that compose the market in a timely and appropriate manner.
LEGARE will build a network that captures voices of local market, analyze the information obtained, and create a system that quickly adapts the business to changing markets. (Business development in new country market)

LEGARE will realize the client's “desire to expand overseas” and increase the probability of business success throughout the expansion project. We will guide clients to achieve their goals by efficient designing and managing tasks and supports needed in each phase of the business from the preparation stage to the launching and expanding stages.

What you need to succeed in expanding overseas

As shown on the right, there are various things to consider and deal with when expanding overseas, there are three things you should never miss:

  1. Clear purpose of expansion and preparedness of top management
  2. Accurate information collection/analysis and expert supports
  3. Abilities of overwhelming execution and total management

- Challenges in expanding overseas -

Sales expansion Company
Market research Sales contract
Tax & Accounting OEM overseas
Export / Import Advertisement
Human Resources Trademarks /
Company survey Overseas HR Mgmt.

Issues that we recognize in overseas expansion of Japanese companies

There are many companies that aim to expand overseas, leaving Japan, where the population is shrinking and the market is shrinking year by year, and there are also many public and private companies that support these
companies. This is becoming easier to expand overseas, but there are only a few cases in which a company can achieve its original “purpose of expand”. There are three challenges behind this:

  1. Losing sight of the original business purpose because the expanding itself becomes the goal (establishing an overseas company, etc.)
    →You cannot overcome the a lot of difficulties that you face in the process of expanding, or even if you can expand, you cannot grow up after "start-up" and will be forced to close the business overseas.
  2. Lacking of quality and quantity of human resources who carry them out, even though the top management's ambitions and plans are good.
    →You cannot get the results as you want by pushing top management’s thinking onto the employees to follow or utilizing experts and support organizations when required.
  3. Losing of balance between the head office in Japan (the president becomes obsessed with overseas expansion projects, etc.), causing problems in Japanese businesses and organizations
    →Head office struggles to resolve internal issues and is no longer to spend time and resources to new business overseas. To make matters worse, key persons supporting Japanese business get their motivation down and leave the company.

- LEGARE’s Accompanying leadership -

LEGARE's solutions of overseas expansion and global business network construction

We will try to understand the client's desire to expand overseas, manage entire project and solve organizational issues after start-up. We will lead our activities while being close to our clients as a reliable partner, not just an advisor. Especially in Vietnam making significant growth, we have abundant partners network to support business development.


Strengthen Organizational Management /

When people come together, there will born an organization, and you need the ability to manage the organization in order for it to create value and provide customer satisfaction. Rather than requiring organizational leadership only from leaders, we approach each member of the organization and relationship each other. We provide a total solution that helps the organization to create strategies, systems and human resources, with which each member can empathize with the values of the organization and try to achieve the goals indicated by the leaders. (Organization & HR transformation)

LEGARE regards an organization as a group of individuals who empathize with achieving a certain purpose.
We believe that organizations should continue to grow to maximize the value they deliver to their target customers. Organizations that share their goals also collaborate with each other can continuously enhance the values for their customers.

What is the strong organization we understand?

A strong organization has three characteristics as follows:

  1. Can quickly adapt to changes in the environment surrounding the organization (needs, social conditions, technologies, etc.)
  2. Each person can understand and act on the purpose of the organization
  3. Have a growth cycle which integrates individual knowledge and experience as an organizational assets

- Model society (Goal) -

Challenges of the consulting projects that we understand

There are many companies that support organizational transformation, but we feel that many of them have finished contracts without obtaining satisfactory results. We recognize that there are three challenges behind this:

  1. Try to apply the latest theory and cases of other companies, however, they are not adapted to the business or culture of the target organization
  2. Implement the strategy by treating the issues as static, and the organization is unable to respond to changes in the business environment.
  3. There is not enough knowledge transfer or behavior change in the organization, and it does not lead to continuous growth after the project ends

- Mechanism to motivate individual -

LEGARE’s solutions of strengthening organizational management capabilities

We will try to fully understand the “purpose” including the vision of the client's organization and the “goals” they are aiming for, and by conjoining the “Belief”, we will realize the “achievement of goals” and “continuous growth” of the client organization. Based on the challenges and points of solution that we have experienced in many organizational transformation projects, we FOCUS on what the consultant can and should do for client’s success.


Enhance Corporate Identity

If you want customers to use your products and services, it is important to clearly convey the customers that the company is aiming to be in the future, the purpose of existence and common sense of values. Employees need to act in sympathy with the corporate philosophy, so that you can provide the best products and services.
LEGARE provides solutions supported by various design that helps the company to enhance corporate identity. (Branding & Value Creation)

What is branding we understand?

In order to become a company that is empathized and selected by customers, it is necessary to build long-term deep relationships with customers. This can be applied not only to the BtoC businesses or large sized companies, but also to companies in all industries that do business activities. We will set a worldview of what kind of company clients want to be, share it with employees, and then, through products, services, advertisements, and even the behavior of your employees, see the worldview of the company through contact points with every customer. Branding activities are to consistently deliver to customers.

Common issues in branding

  1. Branding is recognized just as advertising and logo design performed by BtoC companies and major companies, which is not considered necessary for own company.
  2. Although the company motto and corporate philosophy exist in form, the specific "worldview" of what kind of company they want to be is not clear, and is not broken into strategies and actions.
  3. Consistent "worldview" of the company cannot be delivered in all business activities, such as advertisements with different designs and different messages each time.

LEGARE’s solutions of branding

Our strength is to have both the logical thinking cultivated at international consulting firm and the sensibility cultivated at advertising agencies. We provide the following services so that you can drop your worldview into creative expressions/ products with linking corporate management strategies.