Conjoin People, People & Organization
Conjoin World & Japan
Create New Value
SOLVE issues that cannot be solved with the power of an individual and Japan alone,
CREATE values that cannot be created with the power of an individual and the power of Japan alone,
REALIZE a society where everyone can perceive growth and happiness
  • NEWS2022.04.01Joined the “SDGs for Regional Revitalization Public‒Private Partnership Platform” of the Cabinet Office
  • NEWS2021.11.01We exhibited at “Overseas Business Expo 2021 Tokyo”
  • NEWS2021.10.15Business Alliance Agreement with Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd.


To trust each other,
To advance together
and To be a true partner
The Vision of LEGARE Co., Ltd. is to be a true partner that understands the intent of the “Belief” that people had from the start and co-works with them to realize the “Belief”.
Based on the knowledge and experience that our consultants have cultivated in various industries and functions, We embody the "Belief" of Top managements, conjoin them to the business sites and lead activities to realize "Belief".
Through these activities, we aim to build relationships that can enhance and advance together.
As partners who can respect each other, We do not stick much to “To-be theory” or “Public stance”, but pursue "What are the things we really want to solve and realize (Belief)?"
We will keep trying to be a partner that realizes the “goals” of the business and the “Belief” behind them.


CEO of LEGARE Co., Ltd.
Ryoji Arima

"Conjoin". LEGARE, which is a common word but has the meaning of conjoining in Italian, has been named as our company.
When we happen to see the organization has malfunctioned, productivity has decreased and results have not been achieved, motivation is reduced, and productivity is further reduced, some employees are feeling sick in such an environment, we feel very disappointed.
I have been helping a number of major companies as a consultant of global consulting firms for 9 years, and realized that all companies were struggling with people and organizational issues. We established LEGARE because we were convinced that our experience and skills could contribute to solving client’s issues.

While, I recently feel that the presence of Japan is getting smaller every time I visit other countries. On the other hand, we can see many small and medium-sized businesses in Japan that want to export their own technologies and products to the world even if they have little overseas experience. As well, we also can meet a lot of companies in other counties have interest and target to have businesses in Japan market. We believe that we can contribute to creating New Value globally by supporting these companies that have Passion.

We feel strongly delighted that “people can communicate with each other and achieve common goals together”. We really would like to co-work with such partners / clients that have same sense of values.

CEO of LEGARE Co., Ltd.
Strategy realization consultant

After working at JGC HOLDINGS CORPORATION and Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC (DTC), he established LEGARE Co., Ltd. in 2018 and continues to the present.
Provides hands-on consulting services to support Japanese companies in establishing and executing strategies for new overseas expansion and management of existing businesses, and for overseas companies to formulate and execute strategies in developing the Japanese market. The company has strengths in supporting entry into Vietnam and has a rich local network.
In addition, LEGARE provide solutions for strengthening organizational management capabilities focusing on people and organizations, mainly in a business unit of the large companies, and lead the transformation to become an organization where people keep growing and can achieve results.
Graduated the University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Master of Engineering).
Hobby is playing and watching soccer.


Conjoin Japan with the World
Conjoin Managers and Employees
Conjoin Companies and Customers
Professional of Corporate Transformation
We create new value by conjoining people & people and conjoining Japan and the world.
We consider people’s “Belief” is most important.
We foster empathy in the exchange of different things (people, culture, etc.) and strongly lead activities to achieve the objectives based on the project management methods.
Enter Overseas Market /
Come into Japanese Market /
Buildup Global Business Network
We support the Japanese companies for strategy formulation and execution of overseas expansion, and Overseas companies (mainly Vietnam) for development of the Japanese market.
We will build a network that captures voices of local market, analyze the information obtained, and create a system that quickly adapts the business to changing markets.
(Business development in new country market)
Strengthen Organizational Management / Leadership
We support Japanese companies to transform organization into a growing and successful organization.
Rather than requiring organizational leadership only from leaders, we approach each member of the organization and relationship each other. We provide a total solution that helps the organization to create strategies, systems and human resources, with which each member can empathize with the values of the organization and try to achieve the goals indicated by the leaders.
(Organization & HR transformation)
Enhance Corporate Identity
We support companies for branding to clearly communicate their company’s philosophy and social value to the employees and customers.
In order for employees to act in sympathy with them and provide the best products and services as a company, we provide solutions supported by various design that helps the company to enhance corporate identity.
(Branding & Value Creation)


  • NEWS2022.04.01Joined the “SDGs for Regional Revitalization Public‒Private Partnership Platform” of the Cabinet Office
  • NEWS2021.11.01We exhibited at “Overseas Business Expo 2021 Tokyo”
  • NEWS2021.10.15Business Alliance Agreement with Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd.
  • NEWS2021.05.31Our company has been selected as a “Support Partner” for the “JAPAN Brand Development Support Project” hosted by Japanese government
  • NEWS2021.01.15Report on “Overseas Online Survey Tour” – Rental Factory in Vietnam (Hai Phong)